Relacje zagranicznych studentów realizujących program w PWSZ

My name is Diana Cardoso, I participated in the Erasmus+ Programme and I am here to tell my perspective from this experience. First off, I am keeping it short and simple, my experience in the Angelus Silesius University of Applied Sciences in Walbrzych was amazing, everyone was accepting, very lovely and gave me a warming welcoming. Second off, I highly recommend you all to participate, at least once, in the Erasmus+ Programme. It is a great experience; you meet new people from various countries with different cultures from you and you learn a lot about it. Even if you are afraid to do it because you are not very adventurous, I strongly suggest you do it and face that fear. When I first applied for the programme I was very scared because I am introverted and never travelled alone, especially travelling alone to another country. Coming from Portugal to Poland was very frightened and I was extremely nervous, but I do not regret it at all. I met a lot of people there and we became good friends and we still talk to this day. And it is by overcoming your fears that you grow as a person and experience surprising events and meet astonishing people that can be for the rest of your life. My final message is to overcome the fear and just do it, you may not have the opportunity later in life so you must take it and enjoy it.”

Diana Cardoso, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Portugal

„I have always wanted to be an Erasmus student since I attended my university in Turkey. The reason is that there are lots of advantages and opportunities . First of all, you have an opportunity  to live in a different country. Thanks to this, you experience different cultures, languages,tastes, etc. I experienced a lot of things in Poland. Actually I didn’t have any idea about Poland and felt a bit anxious. However, all these negative thoughts faded away as the time passed. I met other Erasmus students from Portugal, Spain so I didn’t experience just the culture of Poland but also the other cultures (Portugesee, Spanish). Also, I learned Polish by interacting people and realized that we, all humans , resemble each other- regardless of our race, language and culture- and I felt the unity of  us. This is one of the advantages of being an Erasmus student and also one of the things that has changed my point of view. The other advantage is to have an idea about education in a broad sense. I gained knowledge about how the education proceeds in Poland. Also, I have an interesting memory which is about the inauguration day. It seemed  quite different to me because here, in my country, we don’t have such a tradition in universities. There are lots of other advantages but I think the most important one is that Erasmus+ programme helps you to become a global citizen.”

Eylül Karabulut, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey

„How should I start to write my excellent adventures? I really don’t know because I have really many great memories in Poland but first I need to introduce myself. I’m Güllü Erçel. I study in Samsun at Ondokuz Mayıs University. I made my Erasmus+ in Walbrzych at The Angelus Silesius University last year. Erasmus is an unforgettable memory of my life that I will never forget. I have never regretted to make my Erasmus in Poland/Walbrzych. Everybody should join this adventure because there are lots of advantages of Erasmus. Firstly, I saw a new country, I met many new people, I learnt a new culture. These have really changed my life. I had many great friends. I had many great teachers. I lived many unforgettable memories with my other friends. I met different people from different countries and cultures. My perspective on life has changed. Erasmus expanded my horizon. I visited many countries. The most important point is that the level of my English has quite changed. I even  learnt some basic Polish words. My communication with other people has really improved thanks to Erasmus. So, studying in another country is really beneficial for everyone. If I had another chance to come to Poland for Erasmus, I would definitely come… but now I’m planning to come to Poland for my post graduate. You all can guess how Erasmus has impacted my life positively. It was really the greatest adventure of my life. Now, I really miss Poland, my Polish friends and teachers. I’m still in contact with my Polish friends and teachers. Just imagine that you go another country for Erasmus, and you have many friends, you live many great adventures, you meet many new people and cultures also new cuisine and the most important one is that you know a new country. I can say many advantages of Erasmus like these but pages and also my feelings are not probably enough for this because you should definitely live the adventure of Erasmus and then you will totally understand my feelings. I can just suggest that never hesitate to join this adventure because at the end of the your adventure, you will see the positive changes of your life. Just one step will be enough, and I assure you that you will never regret at the end of your Erasmus story.”

Güllü Erçel, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Turkey